While some countries, nations, and peoples have fared quite well against the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in their area, others have been much harder hit. The disparity between hospitalizations and fatalities highlights a lack of information sharing and knowledge about the most efficacious way to treat the disease. Also, for many, the economic consequences of lockdowns are dire and applying our best information to smart reopenings that do not cause renewed severe outbreaks is central to good public and economic health. This paper intends to share some recent discoveries about the prevention and minimization of the COVID-19 disease, treatment and…

Tragedy without empathy sounds like comedy.

I realized this painfully one Saturday afternoon in July. Xiaolin and I were tutoring a young kid’s early learners class when Xiaolin got a phone call. I kept up, but her surprising gurgling made the children laugh. It was a strange sound — from their teacher. It made them laugh because it was unexpected. It was the sound of her heartbreaking.

(I remember now, years ago, helping to feed a baby kitten from a litter, where one had a disabling injury from birth, and the funny sound it made when my friends tried to feed it milk from a syringe…

June 1 — A Tale of Two Pandemics (Anger is a Choice)

Year of the Ox, Day 75. In a post-truth world, how can we relate to each other when we suffer from a lack of trust?

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of downtown Chongqing on the top of Nanshan.
Enjoying the beautiful scenery of downtown Chongqing on the top of Nanshan.

The year of the Ox, Day 75. The ox, in Chinese culture, is a hardworking zodiac sign. It often signifies movement, but some astrological gurus say that this year, the metal ox, we should hold fast. Having a good methodology, a good plan, and getting up to do the hard work every day are key to success in 2021, and so that’s what I’m working on making changes to optimize. When I moved to China…


Somewhere in the vast darkness known as the great silence was a most remarkable thing. Although they were quite an arduous, wasteful, and inefficient lot, there was a conglomeration of atoms contemplating other atoms.

At one particularly trying point in space-time and having filled the bath with steaming water, I found myself testing it with a big toe. A bit on the hot side, but it was in the tolerable threshold. I took great care to ease my battered body in, noticing the blacks, purples, and blues of my bottom and left hip creeping into dark yellows up and down…

As we look back upon the year and all of the surprises it brought to us, it is interesting to remember all of the twists and turns I documented as I flip back through a diary that is in the range of 800 pages and 280,000 words long, covers six continents around the world and includes the stories of more than a dozen bloggers and friends that helped me tell the story of a world that discovered a virus, shut down to protect against a pandemic, and developed not one but several vaccines, ready to protect the at-risk populations and…


2020 closes out as a shameful reminder that the American public has the collective intelligence of a 6 year old. As much as we’d like to relegate the Coronavirus to being this year’s cultural blemish, it seems permanent damage has been done. COVID related deaths are not reserved exclusively for human beings.

“Death by Corona” reaches further into the cultural lexicon, claiming “Mom & Pop” shops, department store chains and entire industries. The political blame game was deafening. It toppled a presidency, leaving the country divided right down the middle. Human behavior followed in its…

As Alberta becomes the epicenter of COVID-19 in Canada, a scientist, writer, photographer, and mother reflects on how it got this way.

Guest editorial by: Rebecca Lippiatt, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cassandra should be the patron saint of Alberta’s health professionals. While she wasn’t a goddess or a saint, her mythology befits how public health experts are treated in Alberta. Apollo spit into her mouth to curse her with the ability to see the future and to have no one believe her. She predicted the fall of Troy and was disdained. Desperate, she delivered the news that the Greeks were hiding…

Day 325: Shakespeare gets vaccinated, while corruption and incompetence darken the horizon, but stars are shining light to guide us through the dark winter night.

Day 325. What can I say that I haven’t said already before? While record numbers of vulnerable people are dying in highly developed countries, developing countries are using repurposed and safe medicines to fare much better. The level of obtuseness and fascination with the new shiny vaccine when masks, Vitamin D, and basic NPIs would be very effective shows a callousness and lack of empathy that hurts my heart. Everyone is an expert now, so…

Day 317 of lockdown: Thanksgiving creates a wave within a wave in the USA, vaccines are approved and the pandemic grinds on.

* * *

December 4 — Gobble Gobble

Day 317. When I first saw him, I thought of a vampire lord, idly formal in a pressed shirt and tie, somehow in command despite no physical imposition or rugged jawline. The quiet leader of a secret coven, somehow both unassuming yet deeply menacing. That thought sticks to me in this difficult time. I wish I could say more but my hands are tied. For now.

Given a way out…

Jorah Kai

Writer, Teacher, Rebel, Outlaw, FalfafelSir & Hummusmancer. @therealjorahkai #GreenNewDeal Welcome to the bazaar of the bizarre. http://theinvisiblewar.co

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