Improving COVID-19 pandemic response in distressed communities and a smarter, controlled approach to economic reopening

A World in Chaos

Japan: Role Model for Mild COVID and No Lockdowns

Racial Inequality Among COVID Victims

Vitamin D Deficiency Key to Mild Outcome

Viral Load Critical To Avoiding Serious Cases

Politiciciation and Profit in a Pandemic

Applying Best Case Outcomes Across the Board

Novel Detection Methods for the Novel Virus: Stopping Outbreaks Before They Start



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Jorah Kai, Existential Detective

Jorah Kai, Existential Detective


Twitter: @JorahKai Welcome 2 the bazaar of the bizarre #AmosTheAmazing #SOLARPUNK #AmazonBestSeller #ChinaBooks #KaisDiary #Author #Columnist #Editor #Stoic